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GI E-book

23 of my original medical school notes on gastroenterology, or the GI system. Topics covered in this study guide include:


- The Enteric Nervous System

- Anatomy of the Duodenum

- Approach to the Patient with Diarrhea

- Layers of the Abdominal Wall

- The Inguinal Canal (two pages)

- Arterial & Venous Supply to the Gut (three pages)

- Anatomy of the Colon

- The Embryologic Origins of the Gut; The Foregut

- GI Emergencies

- Anatomy of Peritoneal Folds

- Hormonal Regulation of Digestion

- Ligaments of the GI Tract

- Lymphatic Drainage of the GI Tract

- Autonomic Supply to the Gut

- The Pathophysiology of Hernias

- Inflammatory Bowel Disease

- Anatomy of the Liver

- Common Locations of GI disorders

- Intraperitoneal versus Retroperitoneal

- The Pathophysiology of Saliva

GI E-book

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