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Drawings, Paintings & Prints

Drawings, Paintings, & Prints

My med school note taking blossomed one Christmas when my fiance gifted me a whole bunch of canvases and paint pens. Add some spray paint I had laying around the house, and then a few seasons of 30 Rock and South Park later, my creative representation of the human body was born on paint!


I was blown away by the response from science & art lovers around the world that told me they'd love to have a piece of my (sm)artwork in their home or office. I want to spread my art as much as possible, but single paintings are too expensive. So one day, my fiance used his photography equipment to capture a digital rendering of my favorite paintings.


Now we have the ability to create high quality prints of my original (sm)artwork for students and professionals alike, costing only a few Abitas at the bar. 

We hope that these pieces will brighten your space and inspire you to always keep learning! Because after all, Knowledge Is Power.

Below, you will find an assortment of my paintings, drawings, & prints. I hope you enjoy your time here!

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THank you for checking out my Anatomy Artwork! I'm blown away and very grateful there are so many awesome people out there who appreciate my personal blend of science, medicine, & art. I try to create pieces inspired by one of my personal missions to #neverstoplearning. I hope you enjoy the time you spend studying with Hanson's ANatomy!! If you'd like some pieces for your own space, click here!! Thank you!

                                much Love,

                                Katy Hanson

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