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My Notes & Study Guides from Med School


procrastination with artwork Got me through medical school

One of the first things I learned in med school was that everyone learns their best in different ways. I am a visual learner. At the start of 1st year, I would sit in lecture and be bored beyond belief. I would regurgitate the information onto my paper but I wouldn't retain any of the knowledge. So one day I started to draw out the anatomy notes and medical concepts as they were taught and everything started to click.

The most important thing to know when studying any field of medicine, or any field of anything for that matter, is how you learn best. Whether you're in medical school, PA school, nursing school, or any other medical field, knowing your method of effective learning will be a major key to your success.


I quickly learned the most effective way to study, for me, was by combining knowledge from all my med school textbooks and drawing out the notes.


Below are my favorite study guides - which is just a fraction of my whole collection. If you want to study with all 400+ individual study guides, you can download them here!

My Favorite Study Guides From Medical School and Residency

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