Anatomy and Physiology Study Guide - USMLE Prep

Hanson's Anatomy COMPLETE book (hardcover)

Hanson's Anatomy COMPLETE book (hardcover)

Hanson's Anatomy COMPLETE E-book (electronic version)

Hanson's Anatomy COMPLETE E-book (electronic version)


Studying medicine is hard work. It took me countless hours to get to where I am today. A majority of that work is compiled here in this e-book, which contains 438 pages worth of study guides I created throughout medical school and residency. 

Thank you for committing yourself to the lifelong pursuit of studying medicine and the human body, for supporting my work, and for generally being awesome! And let me know how the studies are going!

Ps: you can purchase my study guides for any individual discipline below!



Thank you for finding your way here!

I suspect you love science, art, medicine, colors, the human body, and perhaps just life in general. That's awesome!


I unknowingly started Hanson's Anatomy my 2nd year in medical school when I started sharing my notes from school online. 


It's been a few years since this began, I'm now a resident, and I still can't believe how many messages I get from people around the world who are also navigating the muddy and constantly changing waters of medicine. It's inspiring to know so many awesome people are out there studying and working to improve and save lives. 

All of my notes are available for download here. I hope they help you understand the beautiful complexity of the human body, if even a little more. Please let me know how it's going!

Much love!

Dr. Katy Hanson


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