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Neurology E-book

33 of my original medical school notes on neurology. Topics covered in this study guide include:


- Autonomic Ganglia

- Brain Embyologic Origins

- Cervical Plexus

- Cranial Nerve Nuclei

- Concussion Management

- Motor Corticospinal Tract

- Cranial Nerves

- Periperal Cutaneous Nerves/Dermatomes

- Dorsal Columns

- Limbic System

- Basal Ganglia (two pages)

- Brodmann's Areas

- The Anatomy of Aphashia

- Sutures of the Skull (two pages)

- Anatomy of the Spinal Cord (two pages)

- Autonomics of the Heart and Lungs (two pages)

- Dura Mater (two pages) 

- Afferents and Efferents (two pages)

- Brain Map

- Pupillary Reflex

- Sympathetic Nervous System

- The Thalamus

- Trigeminal Nerve (two pages)

- Venous drainage of the Brain

- Visual pathway

Neurology E-book

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