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HEENT E-book

25 of my original medical school notes on otolaryngology. Topics covered in this study guide includes: 


- The Outer, Middle, and Inner ear (two pages)

- Epistaxis (Nosebleeds)

- Muscles of Facial Expression

- Muscles of Scalp and Face

- Eye Movements (two pages)

- The Anatomy of Sight (three pages)

- Facial Fractures

- The Larynx and Voice (two pages)

- Disorders of the Mouth

- The Anatomy of the Nose

- Muscles of the Neck and Throat (two pages)

- Obstructive Sleep Apnea

- Paranasal Sinuses

- Suboccipital Muscles

- Muscles of the Tongue

- Trigeminal Ganglion

- Vertigo

- The Cervical Plexus

- Saliva


HEENT E-book

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