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Cardio E-book

29 of my original medical school notes on cardiology. Topics covered in this study guide include:


- Cardiac Anatomy

- Coronary Circulation (three pages)

- Blood Pressure Regulation

- Baroreceptor Reflex

- The Cardiac Cycle (three pages)

- Anatomy of Cardiac Electrical System (two pages)

- Peripheral Arterial Disease and Atherosclerosis

- Congenital Heart Disease (two pages)

- Heart Murmurs (two pages)

- Infective Endocarditis

- Interpreting EKGs (four pages)

- EKG Leads and Myocardial Infarctions (two pages)

- Systemic Circulation

- Action potentials in Cardiac Nodal Cells (two pages)

- Autonomic Control of Nodal Cells (two pages)

- Pericarditis

Cardio E-book

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