The Power of Art to Educate

Updated: Jan 26

Art is universal. It’s a bridge that ties all people, regardless of language, education or essentially any other barrier that divides us. Anyone can look at a piece of art, be it a mural on a building wall, a graphic novel or an anatomical illustration and they can have an emotional experience. In creating anatomical collage art, it’s my intent that someone could look at my art and in doing so, understand a little more about the natural world that we all find ourselves in.

When I was in high school, I saw the image below, and it knocked my socks off and pushed me down a rabbit hole of questions…

from Leonardo Da Vinci's Journals

How was this created? What did the woman die of who was pregnant? How many gestational months was this fetus?

I imagined what the rest of the body looked like at the time of this drawing. I wondered what someone's mind functioned like, who would not only observe the whole form, but also intricate details of the lining of organs. Someone who would look so closely at a cadaver that even 300 years later, people are still learning from those drawings and idolizing that artist.

This visual observation, reminded me both then and now to slow down and take it all in. It also taught me what a powerful tool visual imagery could be to both teach and to learn.