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Hanson's Anatomy

Lovers of science and art welcome. Welcome all doctors, nurses, PAs, therapists, students and those seeking to understand the beautiful complexity of the human body.

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I've always been a visual learner and I've never been good at sitting still for long. I was struggling to stay motivated to study the beginning of 1st year in medical school, so  I turned studying into something I could truly enjoy and I started to draw my notes and study guides. And Hanson's Anatomy was born

Starting with my notes and study guides in medical school, I developed a deep appreciation for complexities of the human body. I combined this with my attraction to bright colors and street art to create these unique representations of anatomy in medicine

 I love sharing my anatomy paintings with the world and  make them available to everyone, so with dreams of spreading more (sm)artwork,  my fiance made high quality digital prints of my paintings available for a lover of science & art on any budget. Dive in and check out the whole body in colors you likely haven't seen before

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